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Updates & Announcements : Results of UADC 2010

Tabulation Results

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UADC 2010 Summary!!

Greetings from the first United Asian Debating Champions, hosted by Assumption University in Bangkok. This tournament was especially important because as the Asian debate community came together after 5 years of separation, the crisis peaked in Bangkok - a stark reminder of the importance and relevance of debate. We were based about 30 minutes from the center of the protests, but the tournament progressed largely unaffected. The tournament ended yesterday.

For the first time, we broke 24 teams to represent the larger pool of participants. Teams 9th to 24th debated in a pre-octofinal break round.


Champions of the first UADC : Ateneo de Manila University 2 (Walter Wong, Cecile Gotamco, Danielle de Castro)
Finalists : Nanyang Technology University 1 (Parvathy Prem, Anindya Dutta, Satya Venugopal)

Ateneo won 6-5 on the motion, THW Abolish ethnic based parties.


National Law School India 1 (Vipul Nanda, Kalrav Rakesh Mishra, Shivam Singh) - lost 4-3 to Ateneo 2
Ateneo de Manila University 1 (Angelica Mangahas, Vincenzo Tagle, Stephanie Co) - lost 6-1 to NTU 1

Quarter Finalist

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) 1
Mahidol University (MUIC) 1
University of Technology MARA (UT MARA) 2
University Philippines Manial (UPM) 1


Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) 3
National University of Singapore (NUS) 2
National University of Singapore 1
National University of Singapore 4
RV College of Engineering (RVCE) 1
University of Colombo (FOLC) 1
University of Santo Tomas 1
University of Technology MARA 1


De LaSalle University (DLSU) 1
De LaSalle University 2
De LaSalle University 3
Delhi University (DU) 1
EWHA Womens University (EDiS) 1
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) 1
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 4
University Philippines Deliman (UPD) 2


Round 0 – Ban

THW ban websites that do your assignments for you
THBT that governments should totally ban smoking
THW ban hymen reconstruction surgery

Round 1 – Religion

THBT the right to free speech does not extend to offending religions
THBT religious organizations should pay taxes on donations received and assets owned
THBT the Pope should be prosecuted for the crimes of Roman Catholic priests

Round 2 – Medical Ethics

THBT Doctors should be obligated to report suspected cases of domestic abuse
THBT Doctors should not be forced to perform medical procedures that are against their faith
THW Ban treatments that claim to cure homosexuality

Round 3 – Post Conflict

THBT post conflict societies should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies
THBT that it is justified to represent fallen regimes as absolutely evil in history textbooks
THW confiscate property of those who cooperated with oppressive regimes after the fall of the regime

Round 4 – Big Cities

THW pay youth to not move to urban centers
THW place a prohibitive tax on car ownership
THW impose curfews in high crimes areas

Round 5 – Media

THBT that western liberal democracies should ban online anonymity
THBT the willingness to participate in formal public election debates should be a pre-requisite for candidates running for national office
THW ban advertisements that use sex to sell products

Round 6 – Pop Culture / Art

THBT Harry Potter has done more harm than good for literature
THBT that important characters in movies should be portrayed by actors of the same ethnicity
THW impose a minimum age for pop stars

Round 7 – International Relations

THBT it’s time the US recognize Hamas as a legitimate representative of Palestine
THBT the NLD should not boycott the elections in Burma
THBT the leaders of nations that stockpile agricultural products for economic gain while global hunger persists should be charged with crimes against humanity

Round 8 – Social Dilemmas

THW compel children to care for their parents
THW allow minors to apply to be recognised as adults before they reach they age of majority
THBT individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery should be required to disclose it to anyone whom they want to have children with.

Pre-Octos - WTO

THBT Russia should be admitted as a full member into the WTO now
THBT the WTO should hold all countries to uniform labour standards
THBT the WTO dispute regulation mechanism should allow disregarding intellectual property as a form of retaliation to unfair trade practices

Octofinals - Environment

THW make environmental protection a legitimate defense in the prosecution of destruction of property
THBT The environmental movement should publish outright lies about the extent of environment harm to promote their cause
THBT governments should only subcontract to environmentally friendly companies

Quarters Finals and EFL Semifinals – Immigration

THBT ASEAN nations should accept Burmese refugees
THS accept migrants even if they do not respect laws banning polygamy
THW give asylum to sexual minorities

Semis – Sexy Time

THBT gay parades do more harm than good to the gay community
THW fund sex change operations
THBT women should withhold sex with their partners to get them to end violent rebellion against the state

EFL Finals – Crime and Punishment

THW create a DNA registry of all criminals
THW physically castrate rapists
THBT prisoners sentence to life without parole should be allowed to choose the death penalty

Finals – Asia and Unity

THW Abolish parties based on ethnicity
THW create an Asian Parliament
THBT China’s rise to power is in the best interest of Asia

(Finals motions the adjudication core wanted to run but didn't)

THBT Asia should have a common currency
THBT Asia should have the same electric socket configuration
THBT Asians should all drive on the same side of the road

DCA, UADC 2010